SUMMARY (Three Sentences- Begining, Middle, End.)
1.The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
Primrose is chosen to fight to the death on TV but her sister Katniss volunteers to take her spot. Katniss stuggles to survive but due to a rule change, there can be two victors. Katniss and Peeta win the Hunger Games:)
NRM 9-19
2. Dear Dumb Diary #9 That's What Friends Aren't For
Jim Benton
Jamie Kelly is excited about this years talent show and super excited for the school's art show! Jamie and her friends, Angeline, Isabella, and Emily decide to create a band for the talent show, but when Jamie figures out there is going to be no art show, she is crushed and quits the band. Even though her friends are upset, they forgive Jamie and they remain friends.
9-19 NRM
3. On My Honor
Marion Dane Baurer
Tony dares his best friend Joel to climb the bluffs at Starved Rock with him, but even though Joel is afraid, he agrees. While riding their bikes across a bridge to Starved Rock, Joel dares his friend to swim across the river to get out of climbing the bluffs, but little does Joel know, Tony can't swim and he ends up drowning. Frightend, Joel rides back home and plans to tell his family a made up story, but soon faces the terrible truth and tells his parents what really happened.
NRM 10-1 Sounds exciting!
4. The Mysterious Guest House
Ken Munro
Brian Helm discovers a letter that has fallen out of a teenager's car inviting him and a friend to a weekend get away at the Smoketown Village Guest House, but Brain knows this is not an ordinary invatation and calls his friend, Sammy up to investigate with him. After staying at the guest house they realize everyone there worked at the Mason Tractor company and all played a part when a ruby brooch was stolen. The teenage boy came in and claims his reservation who was named Bian RAMSEY, and was soon guilty for stealing the ruby brooch.
NRM 10-30
5. Number the Stars
Lois Lowry
10 year old Annemarie was the happiest girl on the planet, but [[#|now]] that the Nazis are after all the Jews, including her friend Ellen. Annemarie and her family take Ellen up to Uncle Henrik's house where they hide Ellen until the plan is ready. Hiding Ellen and her family in the bottom of Uncle Henrik's boat, Ellen's family safely makes it to Sweden where they will stay until the war ends.
NRM 10-30
6. Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins
Right before Katniss and Peeta go on the Victory Tour, President Snow threatens Katniss that if she starts a rebellion, she will die. A rebellion does [[#|start]], and out of the President's anger, he puts Katniss and Peeta back in the Hunger Games. Little does Katniss know, all of Panem is trying to keep her alive and risk their lives to safe theirs because she is The Mockingjay. One of the tributes, Beetee, is specified to blow up the arena and, a hovercraft from District 13 takes Katniss and a few other alive tributes but, Peeta and a tribute named Johanna are captured by the president.
NRM 10-30
7. Indigo
Alice Hoffman
Martha and her friends, Trout and Eel (Trevor and Eli bobut both boys were given nicknames), hate Oak Grove because there is nothing but dusty roads and a drained river bank. One night, all 3 friends decide to run away to Ocean City where they can dance under the stars and swim in the [[#|crystal water]] but, halway through their journey, Martha breaks her arm and they have to head back. When they arive back at Oak Grove, the entire place is flooded- the brick wall that was built to stop water from coming into Oak Grove was now keeping the water in. Lucky for Oak Grove, Trevor and Eel are amazing swimmers (and are secretly half merman half human) save the day by breaking the wall so the water could run freely without flooding or dryness.
NRM 12-3
8. The Girls Book of Excellence
Sally Norton
This book is full of ways for girls to be the best! From how to tell if your friend is a werewolf to how to have the shiniest shoes this book has is all! One of my favorite ideas was how to make a sled go faster.
NRM 12-3
9. Secret Under the Floorboard
Ken Munro
Brian and Sammy thought Joshua Glick's shunned brother, Aaron Glick, is involved in a blackmail due to a hidden recorded voice message. A few days later, both boys got a call informing there was another blackmail, and both boys know these two blackmails are related. After a long talk, a worker at Conestoga Investigations, Chuck, was using personal information and other workers to blackmail other victims.
NRM 12-3
10. HELP!
Nancy Holyoke
Thousands of letters are sent to the American Girl Library every year! Girls from all over the world send in their letters asking for advice from the American Girl Library. This book has helped me in many problems and lets me know that I'm not the only one that needs help.
NRM 12-3
11. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank
Anne Frank was a happy girl- she had a life full of friends, boyfriends, and family. This all changed the day Anne and her family hid in a place called the "Secret Annex" with the Van Daans and Mr. Dussel because of the Natzis. Anne kept a diary named Kitty, and out of boredom, wrote in Kitty about crushes and how she wishes to be back home. Sadly, Anne and her "family" get caught and get taken away.
NRM 1-2
12. More HELP!
Nancy Holyoke
So many readers liked and got advice from the book HELP!, American Girl Library decided to make another HELP! book. Girls from around the world wrote letters with their troubles. This book is a great guide for girls to help them know what to do.
NRM 1-2
13. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barara Robinson
The Herdmans were horrible- they smoked and lied and cheated on tests. When each Herdman got a main role in the Christmas Pageant, everyone knew it was going to be a disaster. Surprisinly, it didn't turn out so bad- in fact it was the best Christmas Pageant ever, and the Herdmans finally discovered the true meaning of Christmas.
NRM 1-2
14. Stepping on the Cracks
Mary Downing Hahn
Margaret and her best friend Elizabeth wanted to get revenge on Gordy for ruining their tree house so they go down to his hut, but Gordy scares them away by telling them there is a crazy man in the woods. When Elizabeth and Margaret go down to his hut, they realize there is no crazy man- it is actually Gordy's brother Staurt hiding from the war. Both girls decide to help Staurt and end up getting in big trouble.
NRM 2-5
15. Nature's Children: Goldfish
Robert Hirschfeld
Did you know the Chinese were the first people to breed and keep goldfish? Goldfish are very popular pets. This book is a great guide to keeping this fish.
NRM 2-5
16. Nature's Children: Tropical Fish
Robert Hirschfeld
Did you know that fish breathe by drink water? Fish make very fascinating pets. This book is a great guide to keeping fish.
NRM 2-5
17. Dear Dumb Diary #3 Am I the Princess or the Frog?
Jim Benton
Miss Bruntford (the cafeteria aid) is out sick and Mr. Prince is taking her place. Jamie finds secret notes hidden in her locker- they are siged MP- Mr. Prince! Sadly, Jamie's friend, Angeline, claims that Mr. Prince has no interest for Jamie and that the notes were from Mike Pinsetti- MP.
NRM 2-5
18. Hatchet
Gary Paulsen
Brian Romeson is going to visit his father in Canada when the pilot has a heart attack, and Brian crashes into the woods with only a hatchet to survive. He learns how to make a fire, fish, and catch birds all on his own. Luckily, he cuts through the plane and finds a suvrival pack which contains matches, food, a spoon, a fork, a riffle, and an emergency transmitter! In minutes, someone comes and rescuses Brian from the woods, and he makes it safely back home where he tells many people about his adventure.
NRM 2/28
19. Dear Dumb Diary #10 The Worst Things in Life Are Also Free
Jim Benton
It's summer break and Jamie, Angeline, and Isabel are all planning to go to Screamotopia- the best amusment park ever, but they need to raise $300 dollars in 3 weeks! Despite all of there ideas (car washes, lemonade stands, baby sitting), nothing worked. Luckily, their friend Emmily, walked kids and raised enough money for all 4 friends to go to Screamotopia.
NRM 3/1
20. The Girls Book of Glamor
Sally Jeffrie
This book has everything on how to look presentable and feel confident! I enjoyed everything about this book, but I really enjoyed the idea on how to make your own lip gloss. I highly recommend this book for any girl that has a low self esteem.
NRM 3/31
21. How to Improve at Gymnastics
Heather Brown
The title of this book says it all! While improving my backhand spring with the book's useful tips, I learned some facts along the way. Did you know that Nadia Comancei was the fist human to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics?
22. Gymnastics
Bernie Blackall
This book really helped to work on my gymnastic moves. I learned so much- like how to do a better cartwheel. This book would be great for any gymnast.
NRM 3/31
23. Gifted Hands
Gregg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis
Ben was very poor and wasn't very smart until he figured out the power of reading. His grades improved tremendously, and soon he became a brain surgeon. He helped many children who were connected by the head to have a normal life. Soon, he went to many places to talk about his journey.
nrm 4/1
24. Where the Red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls
After saving for many years, Billy finally got the two coon dogs he wanted for so long and named them Old Dan and Little Ann. Both dogs made a wonderful team and caught so many coons, Grandpa entered both dogs in the Championship Coon Hunt. Billy won the Coon Hunt, but Old Dan and Little Ann died a few days later :(.
nrm 4/1
25. Switcharound
Lois Lowry
Caroline and J.P. have their entire summer planned out- until their mother tells them they are going to Des Moines, Iowa to visit their crazy father who named his kid Poochie! When they arrive and realize that their father, Herbie Tate, is going to put them to work by making Caroline babysit and J. P. teach Poochie's baseball team, they plan revenge by switching up the babies and making the baseball team loose. In the end, they switch the babies back, undo the baseball team set up, and even save Herbie Tate from going bankrupt!
NRM 5/1